We’re launched on Indiegogo

Connecticut_River_Valley_Reggie_Hall-390x260      01-gas-flare-burnoff-670      IMG_2546

We’re really excited to have launched a new campaign on Indiegogo – that will help us raise money to support a high quality audio and video recording of our Anti-pipeline Song and Spoken Word piece.

Go to Indiegogo and look for “Time To Stop The Pipelines”  or use this link:


We so much would appreciate  your support!

Our aim is to stop the building of a fracked gas pipeline through our beautiful Valley.

We want to reach people who have not yet understood what a destructive effect that a pipeline and its compressor stations will have on our life as we know it.  Our water, land and air are all at risk. Our children’s future is at stake! 

We also want to give folks a song to uplift and strengthen them in the fight against fracking and fracked gas pipelines.

There are some great “perks” for those of you who want to contribute – so check us out on Indiegogo.



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