Moonlight and Morning Star, have been singing together for over 20 years. A Moonlight and Morning Star concert takes audiences into a world of diverse music, with unique interpretations of jazz standards, beloved R&B classics, Gospel, Jewish soul and their original songs and spoken word collaborations. Their audiences range from age 2 to 92.

Moonlight, known for his blues and Gospel interpretations,is a master of vocal expression and harmonic blend. The combination of his resonant voice with Morning Star’s lilting tone, has delighted audiences at concert halls, house concerts, festivals, coffee houses, universities, schools, houses of worship.

Morning Star’s spoken word pieces delve deeply into both personal and universal themes. They are set to vocal and instrumental music, with surprising rhythmic twists.

Moonlight has performed in the Shea Theater’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the Majestic Theater’s, “The Buddy Holly Story”. He has sung with the Windham Symphony Orchestra, directed by Hugh Keelan.

Morning Star has directed Wings! women’s chorus in Amherst, Ma. for 10 years and the Wendell Community Chorus for 5 years, creating music with singers and non-singers alike; bringing music to elders, children, local events and more.

The couple create programs and workshops for adults and children on the themes of social justice, cultural understanding and the honoring of the earth and all of its inhabitants. The Massachusetts Cultural Council has supported many of their performances

Moonlight and Morning Star have produced two CDs, “Thank you to Life” and “Fantasy”, on their own label, SoulArt Productions.


“”Moonlight and Morning Star are both so gifted at lifting the hearts of all people through song with their unique presence and talents. After going through a devastating loss, I found myself laughing, singing openly and happily and feeling like I have never genuinely had so much fun in a class before.  The Pioneer Valley is blessed to have such a fun, talented and inspiring duo to uplift those who attend their concerts and/or workshops!”   January, 2016

Lynne Nicole Smith, Yoga and Qigong Instructor

Pelham, Ma



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