The birds, the trees

The Trees, the Birds

June 16, 2016

     The birds have been so talkative this Spring.  It gives me hope! 

      The rest of the world is in so much distress – climate change, species extinction, gun violence, political and social madness. 

     This year in particular the birds just seem to be doing their best to lift us up. They are my favorite chorus, my favorite music; I wake to their songs  There is no direction, no musical score, no carefully crafted harmonies –  just joy!

Random?    Perhaps.

Melodious, like water, – Yes!   like rain. They mix their song with peepers, crickets and frogs – The sounds just make me happy.

And then there is the explosion of green, this summer; has it always been this green – or am I just appreciating it more, now that the trees are so threatened?

  I am amazed at the fullness of the trees – great swaths of green clothe the small mountains around us, bright green, dark red green; cedars stand together in stately rows; great spruces sway their long branches in the wind; old, old maples line the town streets offering shade and a breath of air.

Here is a white birch with its three trunks grasped close to each other, it’s leaves catching and holding the sunlight, shimmering.

Here, an oak with its narrow finely sculptured leaves and  bark of gray green peeling skin.

Seeking shade, on a hot day, I pulled my car underneath it and breathed easily.