Time To Garden

Today I had time to garden. No one else needed me to do anything. It was just me and the tomato plants, the lettuce seeds, the lumpy soil, the hose. How simple and yet how profound, that from these tiny seeds, great pots of greens will be cooked, luscious fat slices of tomato will grace our sandwiches, and our bodies will be nourished from our own land and hands.

After planting collards and arugula and mesclun lettuce – and covering them with wire fencing, to keep the cats out of this huge sized, manurey, dirt box – I started walking around our yard, with the hose.

In all the 66 years that I’ve lived I’ve never seen things so dry. Even the weeds and wild flowers are thirsting for water, browning, producing smaller flowers. withering in the sun. Never have I seen a time so dry, that our lawn is just dust and brown grass. Every plant begs for water…

and yet I cannot water enough. Not enough to make up for the lack of rain….

And so – how is it possible:

that Nestle continues to move over the earth, taking people’s birth right of water, leaving entire regions devoid of water, bottling it in toxic plastic and selling it back to us for their own profit!

that the entire country has not called for a ban on FRACKING – the technology that uses tons of gallons of water, to create earthquakes so that gas and oil can be extracted – and then leaves cess pools of chemical ridden water – on the earth and in people’s drinking systems forever.

that the Democrats didn’t stand up for the people’s health and welfare by disavowing fracking. It makes me wonder who is filling their pockets.

that huge agriculture companies, such as Monsanto – continue to use huge amounts of water to create GMO Frankinsteinian foods that will poison the land and our children for generations to come…

that we are still cutting trees to make way for gas and oil pipelines!!!

Our trees hold the water for us, protect us with their cool shade, feed us and help us breathe. They are the source of our oxygen – what keeps us breathing… and yet – the energy companies just keep cutting, the sugar cane, coffee, banana and pineapple plantation owners – keep cutting – everyone keeps cutting. Why? Why?

WE CANNOT LET THIS BE!. THIS IS THE TIME! There is no other – it is now or never – indeed!!! There is only one Earth, one Monarch butterfly, one Bald Eagle, one Human Race. This is the Garden of Eden – right here on earth – it’s just that our eyes have been blind to see the beauty and harmony all around us.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! They are taking from you the very air that you breathe – they are sheep in wolves’ clothing….

“Here my pretty, buy this, and this and this”…. until there is no more left to buy, to eat, to drink, to breathe….