I was talking to myself and I said to me
Let’s talk about multiple realities
Alice in Wonderland knew them well
Changing sizes as she fell

I’m daughter, sister, friend and lover
I’m singer, teacher, cook and mother
I’m active, passive, in between
I’m kind, naïve and sometimes mean

A midwife of my own desires
I carry water and put out fires
I burn for things I want to do
At my age I am burnt out too

Then there’s the reality of you

We’ve told each other ‘bout our art
It feels like just the smallest part
Of all we are, and yet it’s grand
To finally come here hand in hand
With you and you and you and you
Each one who lets creation through

Well as for me
I’m not what you see
Behind this calm and smooth exterior
Lies one who often feels inferior
Those are the times I cannot hear ‘ya

And yet I’ve come to see one thing
The thing that makes my spirit sing
It is an open invitation
To play my part in this creation
By touching hearts with such sweet music
As makes us want to sing and use it
For the purpose of reflection
In the waters of perfection

Beyond time and limitation
Beyond greed and domination
Not within a sense of duty
Lies the mystery of beauty

Coming round to where I started
Six degrees away we’re parted
Yet I feel we’re so connected
That it is quite unexpected

Alice fell and when she landed
She hit ground and there she standed
“Stead of fighting all her phases
All she did was stop and waited

Multiple realities
With their personalities
Come full circle in the end
Asking simply to befriend
Each other till the very end.

Will you kindly be my friend?

Morning Star Chenven
Copyright 2011


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