Still Looking for a Miracle

Still Looking for a Miracle

         (read this one out loud)

Still looking for a miracle.

What might it be?

The miracle of  wisdom

setting me free

Able to float,

to dance, to bend

So unattached

that I move like the wind

Making light in the darkness

And  dark in the light

Not afraid in the day

Not afraid of the night

What change do I wait for

What change can arise

Is it possible

that I can see with new eyes?

Is it true that the planet

right now is turning

Towards love and compassion?

So long we’ve been yearning

And so we must fashion

Ourselves into one

who can love all expressions

under this sun

Knowing sky, knowing stone

Knowing we’re not alone

In this sweet mystery

Where we all come to see

That within our great world

Where there’s nothing forbidden

Lies a jewel 

that we only imagined was hidden

And when we find that place

Then we become whole

It is freedom that lives

In the depth of the soul


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