When The Water Spoke

When The Water Spoke

This time when the water spoke

We listened

We heard her constant rolling voice

The sound that soothed us to sleep

every night

In our dark bedroom

With the windows open

We heard her in the quiet of nightfall

When the geese call to each other

To come in and rest

When her gentle lapping

As she hits against the dock

Sends waves of memories

through us

How we

Swam for hours as children

Never wanting to come out into

A solid world

Where things broke and people fell down

And hurt their knees

We listened on a great windy day

When the ocean waves

Rose and crashed, rose and crashed

And the wind pushed us hard

our coats wrapped tight around us

breathing the ocean’s air

This time we listened even harder

Because our sister water

Is in so much danger

that we may lose her

to the loud machines drilling

beneath her rivers

Sending poison 

into the very heart

of her liquid body

We hear you

We hear you

Our blood  speaks back to you, our sister

Can we wash these captors into your sea ?

Birth them through your body again?

 Cleanse them in your cool rivers? 

              Open their ears to your singing voice?                 

This time when the water spoke

We listened


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