Love Trumps Hate

Dear Friends and Family,

        How beautiful it was to gather with all of you yesterday in Greenfield for our “Love Trumps Hate” event.

        People came with their wounded hearts, their angry hearts, their hope and their despair – and found comfort in being with friends and neighbors. The artists, musicians, poets, speakers who gave expression to their feelings were the voices of all of us. We are so grateful to them for sharing themselves.

     And we are so grateful to all of you for being present, listening, dancing, giving all that you gave.

      The Arts Block generously donated the space to us – and we cannot thank them enough for preparing for us, hosting us, providing drink and food – and a welcoming atmosphere for all.

     Special thanks  go to: Derrik Jordan for the multiple musical roles he played; John Sprague for his willingness to come in and help us raise the energy; David Allen for his help in setting up and taking down and to all of you who came from near and far! and contributed to the success of the event.

     We are thinking of taking this show on the road – bringing ourselves to other communities, where we can invite local artists to contribute to an event that will bring people together. If you have connections to other communities or spaces/places that you think would welcome such an event – we would very much appreciate that information.

        As people left yesterday, they thanked us, saying that they really needed to not feel alone at this time. They left with some hope.

      That is food for our souls!

             “Love Trumps Hate!”

                             Moonlight and Morning Starlovetrumpshate-1

Dance New England

We had a beautiful time at Dance New England Camp. We taught a Gospel Workshop, played for a dance with a great band and enjoyed the tribe of dancers, musicians, parents, grandparents, young adults, creative people from many places and spaces. Thank you DNE!free-vector-colorful-background-dance_015419_colorful_background_dance


Two wonderful events featuring Moonlight are coming up!

On Sunday June 19th at 4:00 pm:   Moon has been one of the a musical directors in ” A Legacy of African American Music, People and Place, in the Connecticut River Valley  1700 – 1920″ .  He’ll also be performing  as part of the cast.

Expect to hear Storytellers, Singers,Kora, Banjo, Fiddle, Uke, Guitar, Harmonica, Bass   It’s at the Old Deerfield Brick Church  77 Old Main St. Deerfield, ma. Admission is $10   

On Friday July 8th:  MOONLIGHT AND MIRO SPRAGUE will be jamming out – doing funk, blues, soul and more at the Arts Block. 8 p.m. show. With a GREAT BAND.